Blacklusion September update

Validationcore v3

This month our focus has been heavily on our open source project Validationcore. The latest version of the Validationcore offers the validation of Api, Wallet, History, Hyperion and Atomic endpoints.

Our goal with this product is not to compete with the already great existing validators of other guilds. In fact, our focus is more on the technical infrastructure and making historic data available vs. only showing the latest status of the guild. We are using similar checks to those of other validators to make the result of our Validationcore more comparable and prove the accuracy. Additional validations were added as well, especially for the Atomic endpoints.
This month we released Uptime stats on a guild by guild basis. Now you can show a graph for every endpoint of a single guild. The uptime is calculated for every day by dividing the number of working validations by the number of total validations of that day (~144/day).

Our plan for the future months is to add more statistics and insights to a guild’s infrastructure and to make the endpoints of multiple guilds more comparable. Of course, we are open to add more features/graphs based on suggestions. So feel free to shoot us a message.

Please note: The database was reset on the 21. September 2021 before the guild cut off to not punish guilds for “non-working” endpoints when in reality this was due to changing configurations at the beginning of the month. Also, the current version of the website is not optimized for mobile, since we are focused to add more features first.

OneApi — Major fixes and more to come (use it like any other wax endpoint)

This month OneApi was updated to work with the current version of the Validationcore. Hence, support for Atomic Assets was added as well. However, with increasing traffic across the WAX Blockchain many guilds have reinforced their rate limits, due to bot networks spamming their endpoints. This is a big challenge for OneApi since all requests are forwarded from a handful of IPs. OneApi has built-in protection and will send another request to another endpoint to respond with a valid response. However, the efficiency of OneApi will be decreased, if guilds’ rate limitations block some of these IPs automatically. This means that the stability of OneApi is highly dependent on every guilds’ infrastructure and rate limits. To tackle this problem we will expand the offering of OneApi by adding an additional Plan for more advanced use cases, higher request loads, and production-ready deployment.

The extra OneApi plan for extra reliability

This plan will only forward requests to a set of private infrastructure hosted by blacklusion. By adding an authentication layer to this version of OneApi we can track the number of requests and ensure to our clients that rate limitations and downtimes are a problem from the past.

Our Step into NFTs 🚀

This month we would like to tease our exciting NFT project. In September we already have been working on the concepts behind an engaging NFT based game. Stay tuned to be one of the first to play our game. Currently, development is happening behind closed doors - More details will be released over the course of the next months…

Technical insights into our guild

In the past months, we have been already hosting our Atomic Assets API. This month we experienced a never-ending stream of requests spamming our API. We have applied more strict rate limitations and added additional rules to block IPs temporarily that were misusing our API. With those measures, we could ensure our uptime again.

We are also working on bringing our Hyperion API back up. We added multiple servers to our infrastructure over the course of the past months and are in the process of syncing our Hyperion (currently on block 119,145,451).

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