Blacklusion October Update


Last month we released the first statistics on the validationcore website. However, with the current traffic on the WAX Blockchain, the validationcore was often hitting the rate limitations of the endpoints and reporting none working endpoints. This month we deployed some major changes to help mitigate this and offer a fair validation. We increased the validation interval from 10mins to 15mins. Under the hood, the validations are not only performed from a single server anymore but from two different servers. The two instances synchronize their validation rounds and store them in a single database. This means that each server only validates every 30mins, sending only 1/3 of the requests as before from a single IP address. Additionally, we added a delay of 10secs between every request. Some validations are now spread across a timeframe of nearly 30mins, preventing spam on the guilds’ endpoints and making the scores representable.


We added three dedicated servers to the OneApi ecosystem. These are located in the three load balancing zones: Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Asia Pacific. We use these servers to measure the response times to all endpoints in order to assign them to their appropriate load balancing zone. This will increase the performance of OneApi as servers are less likely to be added to the wrong load balancing zone.

This month we had a total of ~8 million requests. Alone in the last week, we had 2.4 million requests:

As rate limitations of public endpoints are still a concern, we are actively working on bringing up the private infrastructure dedicated solely to OneApi.

NFTs and Animals 🦊🦁

In September we already announced, that we would create our own NFT based game. We can’t reveal quite yet, what exactly we are working on, but this month we made great progress. An additional graphic designer and a game designer joined our team, striving to bring an exciting game to the WAX Blockchain.

For now, we will only reveal that the game will feature not one, but multiple animal species. So get a book about genetics, as we will reveal more in the upcoming weeks and months… 🔍

Technical insights into our guild

Besides adding the three dedicated OneApi servers, we worked on syncing our Hyperion history back to the head block. A couple of days ago this was finally finished and our Hyperion and History API is publicly available:



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