Blacklusion November Update

This month all of our efforts were focused on our NFT game and on the Validationcore. We also started drastically reworking our infrastructure.


We already released the new code of the Validationcore a couple of months ago. This month we made the following changes:

Add location data to the database

Previously only a boolean was saved to the database stating if the location of an endpoint is correctly described in the bp.json. Now also the Longitude and Latitude will be saved to the database. This will allow us to show the endpoints on a map in the frontend in the future.

New Deployment

Previously the Validationcore was deployed on two of our dedicated servers. This month we move the Validationcore to a total of 5 servers, dedicated solely to the Validationcore:

The master server time coordinates the validations on the other slave servers. The 4 instances all write the data into a single database. The data server also handles the validationcore api and website. By increasing the number of agents we can further limit the request load from a single agent: Previously we would send a request every 10seconds to an endpoint. Now we send a request every 20seconds. The Validationcore is now completely decoupled from our guild’s infrastructure preventing side effects.

New Website

Although not released yet, we are actively working on a new frontend for the validationcore. We believe that we can further improve the experience by adding a new sidemenu and redesigning some of the components such as the api list. The current state of the website refresh can be seen in the following image. The new website is expected to go live within the next weeks:

NFT Game

This month major progress was accomplished in our NFT Game. We added multiple new people to the team and further improved the balancing of the game mechanics. Implementation of the codebase has started as well 🎉

About the game:

In the game you can enter an exciting world of wildlife in which a hybrid between two normal animals can exist — The chimera. The game is based in 1781 and features the practices of alchemy. Alchemists attempted experiments such as trying to create gold from less valuable base metals. In the game you will be able to conduct experiments, breed animals, discover new species and explore the map through expeditions.


Stay tuned for more information in the following weeks… ! Marketing has not started officially, there is still a lot of great stuff to be revealed.


Over the past months we gradually added servers to the infrastructure. This month we decided to abandon old servers as well. This means that we started completely replacing old “working” servers for more powerful servers. We started setting them up from scratch and increasing performance and redundancy. This process is still ongoing, since we are still waiting on a couple of servers to be delivered and some nodes are still syncing. Over the next weeks our new servers should be gradually added into our pool. Once the infrastructure refresh is done, all of our API request should only be handled by freshly setup servers.



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