Blacklusion — Announcing candidacy for the WAX Blockchain

What makes blacklusion an outstanding candidate for the WAX blockchain? All guilds bring excellent software development skills to the table. However, I believe that the current implementations of blockchain technology are mostly targeted to a niche market. Although we have come very far in the past years, they are not always very user-friendly, to begin with.

Relevant background qualifications

User-experience is especially important for an eCommerce blockchain such as WAX.


Leonard Scheidemantel, 20, CEO: Background in content creation, digital marketing and software development. Currently studying Information Systems at the technical university of Munich.

Server Infrastructure


Thoughts on governance

Thoughts on transparency and accountability

One of the benefits of being a small company is the ability to easily find the responsible employee. Since my company only consists of myself, it is easy to hold the right person accountable for the company's actions. If something should ever be not working correctly, there is a 1/1 chance to hit up the right person on Telegram (my account details at the bottom).

Thoughts on security & infrastructure

Because of that, my producer nodes are running on an isolated server. Additionally, I have taken a couple of steps to further increase the security of my servers. Besides the fundamentals of using SSH-Keys instead of passwords, I have made two-factor-authentication mandatory for all servers. I also tweaked system settings, such as blocking all not mandatory ports and securing the shared memory.

Community benefit project outline

Currently, I am investigating how the launch of an IOS /Android App could benefit the user with useful functions (not just displaying stats and graphs).

General information

  • Social Media: Twitter, Telegram
  • Official WAX Guild candidate name: Blacklusion
  • Telos-Testnet node: blacklusionx
  • Location of company headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany

Redefining technology for a decentralized future