This month our efforts have been dedicated to our NFT Game, the Validationcore and Infrastructure updates.


We are excited to release the newest version of our Validationcore Website. The whole theme was completely reworked. Major changes include:

  • New Navigation sidebar
  • Better responsive support
  • Filters: Now a filter button appears in…

This month all of our efforts were focused on our NFT game and on the Validationcore. We also started drastically reworking our infrastructure.


We already released the new code of the Validationcore a couple of months ago. This month we made the following changes:

Previously only a boolean was saved…

Currently, the WAX Blockchain is a very busy landscape. 30 Guilds are working on many projects simultaneously. The goal of this write-up is to highlight some of the projects that the guilds are working on. Some of the information was taken from each guilds’ October submission and the according to…


Last month we released the first statistics on the validationcore website. However, with the current traffic on the WAX Blockchain, the validationcore was often hitting the rate limitations of the endpoints and reporting none working endpoints. This month we deployed some major changes to help mitigate this and offer a…

OneApi is a globally deployed load balancer, that balances traffic to all API-Endpoints of the WAX Mainnet, based on the geographical location of the user. It supports all major Api Types (Chain, History, Hyperion & Wallet API) and was built with performance and reliability in mind.

OneApi load balances traffic…


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